Transmission Cover Instructions

TSC1600 Transmission Cover Kit Suit Coversion.

Tools needed - 
- Hand Drill 
- 25mm Hole saw or Step Drill 
 - Small Recipro saw or Tin snips or Nibbler or Angle Grinder (Be careful for glass and sparks)  
- Scissor Jack (If opening the tunnel up)
- Pliers or Plenishing hammer and dolly
- Small Teck Screws (Only for placement)
- Pop Rivet Gun and Rivets 3.5mm or 1/8th
- Sealer Sikaflex or Silicon (If permanently fixing)


 Step 1 - Install gearbox and engine, measure from crease in transmission tunnel to reference the centre location of your gear stick. If it was an automatic below is a reference diagram of the location for a SR20 gearbox with our fitting kit.



Step 2 - Mark out hole for cutting reference, Using what ever cutting tool is handy, cut the hole in the transmission tunnel for manual gearbox tunnels, you can use a scissor jack and two blocks of wood to pry the tunnel for clearance. Refer below for approximate tunnel hole measurement for S13/14 SR20 gearbox with out fitting kit.
Step 3 - Test fit gearbox for clearance and plenish/sculp a nice lip on the cut hole before placing the transmission cover on top.

Step 4 - Line up the center of the transmission cover up with the center of the gear shifter hole in the gearbox. Place one teck screw in the back and one in the front to hold it in location (optional but makes it easier) With a 3.5mm or 1/8th drill work your way around the cover placing between 8-10 fixings evenly.
Step 5 - Remove teck screws and cover and add sealant to the cover and touch up any bare metal with a form of anti rust agent or zinc sealer.
Step 6 - Fit the teck screws to get the cover back in place and using the pop rivet gun, pop rivet around the outside. Clean up any excess sealant.
Step 7 - Fit shifter and using silicon spray or a form of lubricant slide the rubber boot over the shifter and push it into the hole, *Note the shifter boot will be tight as but it will slide over with some gentle persuation.
For any other questions please done hesitate to drop us an email.






The crush tube is an important part of the conversion. Adding extra strength to the crossmember mounting points.

As you can see in the pic,the original points are not that robust.Locate the existing hole in the chassis rail & insert a pointed punch in the center of the hole. Align the punch as accurately as possible and hit with hammer to mark the rail.

Correct tools make the job go easy. Get your self a multi stepcutter as shown. You will have much use for this tool as your project progresses. They make life easy. Make sure the mark punched from underneath is centered in the chassis rail. Remark with center punch and cut the correct size hole for the crush tube to fit neatly in the hole.

After cutting the crush tube holes smooth off the hole edge with a file or sander. Make sure to vacuum or blow off with air the swarf residue including inside the chassis rails. Rust proof cuts & inside chassis rails. Dont scimp here!

Correct position for crush tube when installed. Tubes are supplied to correct length but due to variations it pays to check the depth. Tube should have approx 0.5mm (0.020") crush. File end of tube if required for correct fit.