Q. Do the rubber seals come with chrome trims?
A. Unfortunately no they don’t, but we offer instructions on how to fit them to existing chrome.

Q. Can you source other items that aren't on the website?
A. We may be able to! Reach out via our contact page and ping us a message. We will do our best to help you.

Q. Are you going to have more instructions?
A. Yes we will. Our plan is to update our YouTube channel with tips and tricks and other things to help out with your build.

Q. Is your gear engineered for street use?
A. Our gear has been tested by multiple local authorities for road use, but it is also critical you speak to your local road transport authority and clarify with them on what you can and can’t use for your engine or brake conversion. We can help assist if you need some information regarding this.

Q. What sort of warranty do you have?
A. We have a 12 month warranty period based on time. Return policy 30 days - returned in the same condition you received it.