Inertia reel safety belt fitment (BFI16FRL)

These instructions cover the basic fitting of the inertia reel safety belt. The safety belt manufacturers instructions must be followed and take precedence over these fitting hints. 

Prepare the floor area around the base of the anchorage adapter Plate. Any rust or corrosion damage must be repaired before fitting the belt assy. Remove any excess body sound deadener to allow the anchorage plate to sit firmly on the floor pan.
Anchorage plates are mirror images. Use the LH plate as template to mark out the position of the RH anchorage adapter rear mounting hole recess and vice versa. Align the plate using the original mounting hole as pictured.


After marking out the hole position, drill a 16mm dia hole & check the fit of the anchorage plate. It may be necessary to file the hole for a snug fit. Vacuum any metal swarth from the frame & rust proof the area. We use a high Zinc cold gavanising paint after cleaning. Fit the three plate retaining screws.



Replace the carpet & cut hole for the reel mounting bolt. Attach the reel then the lap part of the belt. Note the positions of the mountings.
Ensure that the webbing of the belt does not rub on the retractor reel body both when wearing and releasing the belt. When you are sure that the belt runs free without rubbing secure the mounting bolt fully & fit the reel cover. Examine closely how the reel cover attaches to the reel body. Care must be taken to align the clips as damage can result if forced. The center stalks must be twisted to align them for LH or RH fitment. Best done before fitting to vehicle. Place bolt end in vice (protect the paint on the mount) & rotate the buckle end for correct alignment.




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