Billet Throttle Pedal Conversion Kit Tips (TPK1600)

Tools Required

- 3 mm Allen Key
- 5 mm Allen Key
- 10 mm & 14 mm Open ended spanner
- Marker 
- Cordless drill
- 6.5 mm Drill bit or Step Drill
- 16 mm Drill bit or Step Drill (We highly suggest using a step drill to make a neat job of it)
Instructions :-
Step 1. Remove all existing original floor mounted throttle pedal and linkage assembly.
Fill holes in floor to make sure no water can come through (you can use a floor deadener or form of sealant to do this)
Step 2. Using the stainless washer provided with the kit (Loosely bolted to the throttle pedal cable) find the middle factory hole for the original linkage studs. Refer picture below.
Step 3. Place the bracket on a 45' Angle and trace out the holes with a marker, The hole position should look like below.
Step 4. Drill out holes in firewall, Be mindful for any wiring that may be in front of it.
Step 5. Paint around cut area to prevent any rust over time, Pull cable through the firewall, slide the stainless washer you used to make out the holes over the cable and bolt the cable to the firewall using the 5 mm Allen key and 10 mm spanner (you will need an extra person outside to assist with this) The washer helps seal the area and gives it a neat appearance.
Step 6. Using the factory cable washers install the cable onto the manifold, If you don't have these you can slit a 10 mm washer and slide it over the cable to lock it onto the bracket.


Step 7. Using the 3 mm Allen key fit the new throttle pedal, The pedal itself has plenty of adjustment, so adjust to how you like it to feel.




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