Datsun brake booster master cylinder assy HBK0078

Datsun brake booster master cylinder assembly

Suit 510,1600,180B,120Y etc.
Brand new Datsun 180B 120Y type small can brake booster fitted with new 7/8" dual circuit master cylinder.
This complete new Datsun brake booster kit features a reduced thickness spacer to obtain additional clearance.
Use for SR FJ engine engine conversions in datsun 1600 180B . extended mounting studs for easy fitment.
Available as disc/disc or disc/drum. Please specify when placing order.

Can be used as replacement for original Datsun 180B and 120Y brake boosters.

brake booster


Datsun 1600 510 assembled in Australia were not fitted with a brake booster as original equipment.
The original datsun brake master cylinder was a single circuit braking system.
Failure of a brake hose or major leak in a single circuit brake system will result in complete loss of brakes.
The fitment of this Datsun brake booster kit will add the safety of a dual circuit braking system.
This brake booster kit is recommended when upgrading your brakes to a R31 rear disc brake conversion
or converting to larger front brake calipers. Suitable for R32 R33 4 pot calipers.

Note! Brake booster with adapter & spacer or brake master cylinder available individually.
New one way vacuum check valves available.