Exchange policy

Exchange policy details and return shipping

We at Datsport would prefer to supply all our components without the hassles of an exchange service.
Unfortunately some parts are hard to obtain and or expensive to purchase.

Exchange items are restricted to rear crossmembers and trailing arms, Front struts except R31.

Exchange parts must be supplied before delivery of the modified units unless a core charge/deposit is payed.
If you do not wish to exchange then this core charge will be the only additional cost incurred.

Core deposits will be refunded or credited to your account as required.

Please advise when ordering if exchange units will be supplied or you wish to purchase outright.
Return freight can be charged at our special freight rate and we will arrange the pickup for you.
Please advise if you require this service.

Exchange parts are supplied in excellent condition with no major marks or dings.
Please ensure your return parts are in excellent condition.

Its just not acceptable to supply a damaged unit & expect a mint one in return.
Rear arms can be bare units ( brakes removed) & must include the axle flanges.

Rear crossmembers must not be gravel rashed, nor rust pitted. Minor surface rust is acceptable.

Due to many clients not returning the cores we are forced to increase the core charge prices.
These parts are very difficult to find in good condition.

Non return of cores reduces our capacity to have exchange items on the shelf.

Core charges Rear trailing arms $180 each

Bent or damaged axles beyond repair will incur a penalty of $120

Rear arms for 1600 510 must not be substituted with 180B arms, the flanges are different.

Rear crossmember $295

Front 200B or Stanza struts pair $280

If you do not have an exchange unit we will still supply the parts though the return core fee will be applied