Hypatec T6 Alloy pistons

Hypatec® is a high quality performance piston. Hypatec® pistons are all manufactured from 11-13% silicon alloy

Combined with T6 heat treatment to create a piston that is stronger than many other pistons. Plus, every Hypatec® piston is manufactured utilising state of the art CAD/CNC diamond tipped machinery. The end result being a piston that can withstand the severe loads associated with today’s performance engines. High silicon alloy is the preferred material for most cast pistons because it provides greater strength and greater scuff and seizure resistance. The silicon acts as small insulators, repelling the heat created in the combustion chamber, allowing the combustion chamber to retain its heat, creating a more efficient combustion process while the piston actually runs cooler. Hypatec® pistons are heat treated using the T6 heat treatment process. This is a specialist process which is performed in two stages. During the first stage the piston is heated to 500°C for 9 hours and then water quenched to create a single phase alloy. The second stage involves heating the piston to 180°C for 10 hours and then allowing it to air cool. As a result, the alloy hardens to form a copper aluminium crystal, CuAI2. It is the formation of these crystals that give the alloy its strength.

hypatec piston