Datsun 1600 Radiator kit SR20DE CRK160N

Complete radiator kit SR NA

This kit has it all. What is pictured on this page is what you get. Custom radiator 520 x 400 x35 with 1600CFM 16" Spal thermo fan with thermo switch and loom. Large enough to cool the hottest SR. Hose kit, billet alloy water outlet, mounting kit with rubber mountings, constant tension rad hose clamps.

Note! modifying the rad support panel is an option as air flow through the original opening is usually sufficient for NA SRs

Once fitted the radiator assembly complete with fan can be removed in minutes. Simply undo the radiator hoses, unplug the thermo switch, loosen the 2 top cotton reel mounting bolts and lift the radiator assembly up and out.

s13 intercooler kit

sr radiator

Radiator fan assembly

The large 520x400x35 radiator has an inbuilt over flow tank. The rad is supplied fully assembled.
The 16" spal slimline high performance thermo fan is switched by a thermo switch mounted on
the inlet tank. This fan is so good that it runs for only 8 seconds at a time to cool an idling SR.
Thermo switch turns on at 92c and off at 87c. The polished top plate sits 6mm above the front lip on the radiator
support panel so that high pressure air trapped at this point flows through the top cores of the radiator.
The thick alloy cover plate also contributes to cooling by absorbing and dissipating heat.

rad parts

Close up of radiator inlet
Lever type pressure relief cap and cotton reel mounting bracket.
Basically the same radiator & features as the Turbo unit except the top inlet
has a 90 degree elbow to allow the top radiator hose to clear the distributor on
the normally aspirated SRDE engines. Fits all NA SR engines.

All parts needed for full installation are included with the exception of the MAF mount and air filter.