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Throttle cable fitment
Datsport uses throttle cables from S13 & N15. whilst cheaper cables can be utilised we feel that the superior quality of these cables warrants the cost. They are readily available from Datsport(as a kit) and also from your Nissan dealer. The various types of SR cables require alternate fixings to the firewall. We will show both common types. We use a modified 910 throttle pedal assy and also reposition the throttle cable mounting to the firewall.
Pic shows fleximounted cable fixture to the firewall.
Requires 910 pedal assy & repositioning the cable on the firewall. Full travel of the throttle pedal and very smooth & positive feel.
Cable fitted to TB. Cable is routed underneath the M/Cyl/booster assy for asthetics and in no way hinders the smooth operation.
Draw a line through existing throttle bracket holes as shown. Measure exactly 50 mm from existing hole center punch & remeasure. Drill 7mm hole at this point. Measure 25mm fom either end & recheck. Drill & file 17mm hole. Best to make a pilot hole first. Remember measure twice & drill once.
The markout positions shown can vary on the model of your 1600. Note the position of the speedo cable outlet in the picture.  please refer to further fitting instructions HERE.